Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to relive your childhood memories of one man’s journey to the top of the criminal world in the Vice City.


A Brief background to GTA: Vice City

After the successful receiving of the Grand Theft Auto franchise in 2001, Rockstar Games was hell bent on making an improved version. After the release of the Windows version of Grand Theft Auto III, the development team discussed creating a mission pack for the game that would add new weapons, vehicles, and missions. Upon further discussion, the team decided to make this concept a stand-alone game, which became Vice City.

The game was first released to Play Station in August 2012 and to windows in 2003. The game was a huge success and was the most rated play station game of 2002 and subsequently the most-rated windows game in 2003 by the critics. The game was a huge success all over and received various accolades on its performance. The most important accolade is possibly that it had around a 5 million people in the US alone that were playing it in its first year of release. The game has won numerous awards. It received the best PS2 game at the First British Academy Games Awards. It was also awarded the prestigious Ultimate Game at the Golden Joystick Awards.

Despite the Global success of the game worldwide, when Rockstar games launched the mobile version of the game at the game’s 10th anniversary, it was received to critical acclaim. The game was mainly criticized for its touch screen controls but since then, it has made pretty decent sales.

The game has met its fair share of controversy, not unlike most of the Rockstar games projects. It has met several lawsuits but that has hardly been a hinderance in the success of the game.

The Plot:

Set up in the 1986 fictional city of Vice City, the game promises unlimited fun and experience. The plot of the game revolves around the 1986, Forelli mobster Tommy Vercetti is released from prison after serving a fifteen-year sentence for murder. His boss Sonny Forelli, seeking to establish drug operations in the south, sends Tommy to Vice City following his release, to oversee an important drug deal alongside crooked lawyer Ken Rosenberg. However, the deal is ambushed by unknown assailants, with Tommy and Ken barely escaping it. Angered upon hearing the news, Sonny orders Tommy to recover the drugs, alongside the money he gave, under threat of consequences. Seeking information, Ken points Tommy towards Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, who helped set up the exchange. Expressing regret for the ambush, Cortez promises to find out who masterminded it.

The game promises unlimited missions and adventures that are enough for all the adrenaline rushes you have ever missed out on.

Gameplay of GTA: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The player controls criminal Tommy Vercetti and completes missions—linear scenarios with set objectives—to progress through the story. The player can run a number of missions upon their convenience at a single time. Apart from completing missions, the open world format, lets the player to roam around anywhere in the never-ending vice city world. Composed of two main islands and several smaller areas, the world is much larger in area than earlier entries in the series. The islands are unlocked for the player as the story progresses.

The game provides the player a wide variety of weapon options—they can be purchased from local firearms dealers, found on the ground, retrieved from dead enemies, or found around the city. As the name suggests, Grand theft auto steals, ono on one combat, shoot outs and heists, the game is laden with criminal adventures.

Special Features of GTA: Vice City

Open World Format: One can compose an entirely different game for themselves even if they don’t follow the game’s plot, just because of the open world format of the game. The character is free to roam around and conduct crimes and pick battles on his own.

Cheat Codes: Rockstar games, keeping in mind, the difficulty levels of the game. Launched a set of cheat codes for the players, to make the missions easier, and give you new ways to play.

Extensive Plot: The game is so rich in plot that it almost covers all the essentials of a complete world of its own. It is no surprise, hence, that almost everyone who plays GTA: Vice City, finds themselves immersed in the imaginary world of the game even when they’re not playing.

Where to Get the Game

If you want to download the game, have a look at the following sites:

PC ($9.99):

Android ($4.99):

Amazon ($19.99):

PS4 ($14.99):

iOS ($4.99):


Rockstar games has gone all out to prepare this one-of-a-kind experience for its customers, leaving it up to the player to extract the maximum fun and excitement out of it.


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