Cau hinh toi thieu de cai Win 2000 3

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Xin chao, toi co may cau hoi mong cac ban chi cho toi biet:

1.Cau hinh may tinh toi thieu de co the gai Win2000.

2.Cach dua mot trang web ca nhan len mang.

3.Cach nang cap may tinh de cho no chay nhanh hon. Can phai mua nhung gi. Tat ca khoang bao nhieu money?

Cam on nhieu.


Hoi am:

Ve cau hoi 1: Theo tai lieu cua Microsoft thi yeu cau toi thieu cua may tinh de chay duoc phan mem he thong Windows 2000 nhu sau:

Windows 2000 Professional: Pentium 133 MHz, 64MB RAM, 2GB voi toi thieu 1GB con trong, CD-ROM 12x, Man hinh VGA

Windows 2000 Server: Pentium 133 MHz, 256MB RAM, 2GB voi toi thieu 1GB con trong, CD-ROM 12x, Man hinh VGA

Qua do ban co the thay, cac may tinh hien dang ban tren thi truong hien nay deu co cau hinh vuot xa cau hinh toi thieu de chay he dieu hanh Windows 2000 do Microsoft de ra!

Ve cau hoi 2.: Xin danh cho dong nghiep khac tra loi.

Ve cau hoi 3.: Muon biet co nen bo tien ra de nang cap, tang toc do cua may tinh dang dung hay khong? va bao nhieu? truoc het ban phai cho biet may cua ban dang dung la may gi? Co cau hinh ra sao? Neu may ban da mua cach day ba nam roi thi dung nghi viec nang cap lam gi ma nen danh tien mua may moi thoi ban a. Tuy nhien de nang cao toc do cua may thuong nguoi ta tang them bo nho lam viec(RAM), tang toc do cua Processor bang cach dieu chinh tan so lam viec tai CMOS (nhung se giam tuoi tho cua no) hoac thay Processor co toc do su ly nhanh hon (nhung khong phai luc nao cung thay duoc).

Chuc ban co nhieu niem vui.

Hien Linh

Hi there, here are your questions answered:

1. To install and run Windows 2000 you will need at least:
-CPU: 133 MHz or higher (dual CPU supported)
-RAM: 64MB (Professional), 128MB (Server and Advanced Server) (4GB max supported)
-Hard Disk: 2GB hard disk with a minimum 650MB (Professional) and 1GB(Sever and Advanced Server) of free space.

2. For a web site created using Microsoft FrontPage to upload a web the hosting site needs to have Microsoft FrontPage Extension or Microsoft Teampoint Services install. Most current free hosting sites have this feature so you just follow their instructions to upload your web. If your web is created using pure HTML or other tools like Dreamweaver, GoLive,... you can upload directly your web to the hosting sites.

3. There are many ways to upgrade your system for better performance, depending on your needs and you budget. Here are a few of my suggestions:

- Adding more RAM: this is the cheapest way since RAM prices are dropping day by day. A good performance PC should require at least 256MB, which costs you about $40 - $60. 512MB seems to be a bit redundant but it"s strongly recommended for the future needs.

- Replacing Hard Drives: a 40GB 7200rpm ATA100 or better drive is recommended for today"s PC (about $70). Check your motherboard to ensure it supports ATA100 otherwise you"ll need to have an ATA Adapter card. Most current motherboards support this though.

- Replacing an AGP video card: If your motherboard has an AGP slot it"s your time to upgrade your AGP video card. A 32MB AGP ($30) or better is recommended for today"s games, DVD and other graphics works.

- Upgrading a faster CPU: this should not be considered seriously since this may involve replacing the motherboard hence costs you much. If you are in Vietnam, an AMD system is not recommend since it runs quite hot unless you have adequate cooling solutions. A typical Pentium 4 system is recommended which may cost you about $200 - $400 depending on the speed.


Bill Gates

Ban HarryPotter men,

De cai Windows 2000, ban can phai co toi thieu CPU 133MHz, 2GB hard disk voi toi thieu 650MB trong. RAM thi tuy thuoc vao ban dinh cai dat Win2000 nao: Professional can toi thieu 64MB, Server can 128MB, Advance Server can 256MB. Rieng Datacenter Server can cau hinh manh hon nhieu ma chac ban khong can!

Cach dua 1 trang web ca nhan len mang thi truoc het ban phai co 1 homepage truoc. Sau do thi tuy, ban co the tra tien de duoc dua homepage len Internet hoac tim 1 dich vu cho phep up load homepage cua minh len web site cua ho nhu: geocities, bizland, tripod... ban coi them giai dap cua nhung nguoi khac.

Cach tang toc do cua CPU: Don gian nhat la nang cap RAM.
Neu muon nhanh hon nua thi co the phai mua toan bo may moi voi CPU moi, RAM moi co toc do cao hon. Con mot cach nua, neu ban khong co kinh nghiem va khong dam "hy sinh" thi dung lam boi vi ban se khong duoc hang bao hanh dau. Do la "Overclock" may cua ban
len. Noi de hieu, do la ban "ep" may tinh phai chay o toc do nhanh hon bang cach tang toc do cua CPU hoac Mainboard nhieu hon la thong so ky thuat ghi tren CPU hoac mainboard. Nhung neu ban khong biet thi co the ban se lam chay toan bo he thong do!



Viet Bao
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