Tinh yeu thuong Mot suc manh ky dieu

Tinh yeu thuong Mot suc manh ky dieu

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Mot giao su dai hoc da dua cac sinh vien lop Xa hoi hoc cua minh den khu nha o chuot o Baltimore de lap ho so nghien cuu ve hoan canh cua 200 cau be song o do. Sau chuyen di, giao su yeu cau cac sinh vien viet bai thu hoach nhan dinh ve tuong lai cua tung cau be. Va cac sinh vien deu ket luan rang: cac cau be nay “khong co co hoi phat trien”.

Hai muoi nam sau, mot giao su Xa hoi hoc khac tinh co xem lai ho so nghien cuu truoc do. Ong yeu cau cac sinh vien cua minh tiep tuc cong trinh ay de dieu tra so phan sau nay cua nhung cau be do. Ngoai 20 truong hop cac cau be da chuyen di noi khac hoac khong biet tin tuc, cac sinh vien nhan thay rang co 176 trong so 180 truong hop con lai deu thanh dat tren muc binh thuong; tat ca ho da tro thanh nhung luat su, bac si hay cac doanh nhan thanh cong.

Vi giao su rat doi ngac nhien, ong quyet dinh tim hieu ky hon moi chuyen. Rat may, nhung cau be ngay xua van sinh song tai cac khu vuc lan can nen ong co the tiep xuc voi tat ca. Cau hoi ong dat ra la: "Dau la nguyen nhan cho su thanh dat cua ban ngay hom nay?". Trong tat ca cac truong hop, cau tra loi luon di kem voi su xuc dong: "Do la nho mot nguoi thay cua toi."

Nguoi thay do van con song nen vi giao su quyet tam di tim va hoi nguoi phu nu tuy cao tuoi nhung van con minh man ay rang phep la nao da giup ba cuu cac cau be thoat khoi khu nha o chuot va dat duoc nhung thanh cong nhu ngay hom nay.

Doi mat cua ba chot sang len va voi mot nu cuoi diu dang tren moi, ba noi: "Dieu do rat don gian. Vi toi co niem tin vao nhung cau be do."

- Eric Butterworth

Khi tin rang ban co the thanh cong, thi chac chan ban se thanh cong.

- Maxwell Maltz

Hay trao tang tinh yeu thuong o moi noi ban dat chan den: truoc het la o ngay chinh can nha cua ban.

Hay yeu thuong con cai, nguoi ban doi cua ban, va ca nhung nguoi hang xom...

Hay dung de nguoi nao den voi ban roi ra di ma khong cam thay vui tuoi va hanh phuc hon.

Hay la hien than cho long nhan ai cua Thuong De bang cach the hien tren net mat, trong anh mat, trong nu cuoi va ca trong nhung loi chao nong nhiet cua minh.

- Me Teresa


Love: The One Creative Force

A college professor had his sociology class go into the Baltimore slums to get case histories of 200 young boys. They were asked to write an evaluation of each boy"s future. In every case the students wrote, "He hasn"t got a chance."

Twenty-five years later, another sociology professor came across the earlier study. He had his students follow up on the project to see what had happened to these boys. With the exception of 20 boys who had moved away or not contacted, the students learned that 176 of the remaining 180 had achieved more than ordinary success as lawyers, doctors and businessmen.

The professor was astounded so he decided to pursue the matter further. Fortunately, all the men were in the area, and he was able to speak to each one. "How do you account for your success?" In each case the reply came with feeling: "There was a teacher."

The teacher was still alive, so he sought her out and asked the old but still alert lady what magic formula she had used to pull these boys out of the slums and into successful achievement.

The teacher"s eyes sparkled and her lips broke into a gentle smile. "It"s really very simple," she said. "I believed those boys."

- Eric Butterworth

This is where you will win the battle - in the playhouse of your mind.

- Maxwell Maltz

Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house.

Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next - door neighbor...

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.

Be the living expression of God"s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.

- Mother Teresa

Nguon: Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul - Chia se tam hon va qua tang cuoc cuoc song - First News va NXB Tong hop phoi hop an hanh

Tinh yeu thuong Mot suc manh ky dieu
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Love: A magical powers
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A college professor gave the students his sociology class to the Baltimore slums to document research on the plight of 200 he lived there. After the trip, a professor asked students to write an evaluation of the future ...

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