Nhung chien binh ti hon

Nhung chien binh ti hon

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Nhung chien binh ti hon

Toi du dinh chuyen doi quan nho cua minh den mot noi tot hon tuyen lua nay. La mot nguoi me don than 27 tuoi, mot nach bon dua con tho, toi quen voi y nghi rang toi dich thi la mot nha lanh dao can truong chan dat lu con cua minh. That ra thi doi song cua chung toi co khac gi dang trong mot trai huan luyen tan binh quan dich day khac nghiet dau?

Ca nam me con chung toi phai chen chuc trong mot noi kin bit bung – mot can ho co hai phong ngu o bang New Jersey – song doi song voi nhung quy dinh nghiem ngat tu dat ra.

Toi da khong the lo du cho cac con minh ngay ca nhung nhu cau thiet yeu hang ngay - chu dung noi gi den nhung thu xa xi - nhu nhung bac cha me khac, va ngoai me toi ra, khong ai khac trong gia dinh toi chiu ngo ngang, quan tam den cuoc song cua lu tre con toi ca.

Tat ca deu khien toi bat dac di phai nhan lanh vai tro cua nguoi tong chi huy doi quan cua minh. Nhieu dem, toi thao thuc tren giuong hoach dinh nhung chien luoc lam sao de cuoc song cua cac con toi day du hon. Du chung chua bao gio phan nan ve su thieu thon va duong nhu rat yen tam song duoi su dum boc yeu thuong cua toi nhung tam tri toi van cu luon thoi thuc phai tim moi cach de cai thien cuoc song dam bac cua chung. Cho nen khi tim thay can ho co nam phong ngu trong mot ngoi nha ba tang -tang hai va tang ba chung toi duoc toan quyen su dung – toi da chop ngay co hoi nay. It ra, chung toi cung co the noi rong no ra them. Ngoi nha nay tham chi co ca mot san sau kha rong rai.

Ba chu nha hua se sua sang lai moi thu trong vong mot thang. Toi dong y ve viec sua chua va tra ngay bang tien mat cho ba so tien thue cua thang dau tien va luon ca tien bao ve an ninh, roi voi va ra ve bao cho “linh” cua toi biet rang chung toi sap chuyen cho o. Lu nhoc rat phan khoi. Dem do tat ca chung toi nam co cum tren giuong, tinh toan nhung dieu phai lam cho to am moi.

Sang hom sau, toi thong bao cho nguoi chu nha noi chung toi dang o roi bat dau goi ghem do dac. Chung toi chat nhung thung do mot cach chinh xac giong nhu mot cai may da duoc vo dau mo tron tru. Nhin doi quan cua toi lam viec, long toi cung thay am ap.

Va roi toi nhanh chong nhan ra sai lam chet nguoi cua minh. Toi da khong co chia khoa cua can nha nay. Roi het ngay nay qua ngay khac, voi nhung cu dien thoai khong nguoi tra loi va nhung lan kiem cach dot nhap vao can nha deu that bai, toi bat dau phat hoang. Toi do hoi moi nguoi xung quanh dong thoi goi dien thoai cho cong ty dia oc hoi tham tinh hinh. Ho cho biet la ngoi nha nay da co nguoi khac thue. Toi da bi lua.

Long nang triu, toi dua mat nhin nhung khuon mat hao huc cua cac con minh va co tim loi de noi voi chung ve tin chang lanh nay. Chung don nhan mot cach binh than mac du ban than toi thi chi muon khoc vi that vong.

Voi tam trang nao ne cua ke bai tran, toi lai phai doi mat voi nhung kho khan con toi te hon nua. Bao nhieu tien toi co da doc sach cho noi o moi nay roi, con dau nua de tinh chuyen di thue noi khac. Me toi rat muon giup do, nhung noi can ho nho ba dang thue, nguoi chu nha khong cho phep tre con cung o. Tuyet vong, toi quay sang nho mot nguoi ban giup do. Chi ay cung la mot “cuu chien binh” nhu toi: mot minh nuoi nam dua con va cung dang vat lon voi cuoc song khong khac gi toi. Chi ay co gang het suc de chung to long hieu khach. Nhung chin dua tre cung song trong bon can phong. Ban thu hinh dung xem.

Sau ba tuan, tat ca deu khong the chiu noi. Chung toi phai ra di. Chang con su lua chon nao khac va toi cung chang biet lam gi hon. Chung toi phai cuon goi thoi. Toi gom het do dac, nhet nhung quan ao am cua may me con vao cop sau chiec o to Escort mau vang cua minh va thong bao cho nhung chien binh ti hon rang gio day chung toi khong co noi nao de tru chan ngoai chiec xe hoi.

Hai con trai toi, dua len 6 va dua len 10, nhin toi va cham chu lang nghe.

“Tai sao chung ta khong o nha ba ho me?”, dua lon nhat hoi. Theo sau cau hoi do la mot lo mot loc cac de nghi cua nhung dua khac ve cac noi ma chung toi co the o. Voi moi loi de nghi, toi deu phai cho chung biet su that khac nghiet.

“Moi nguoi deu co cuoc song rieng, cac con a. Chung ta phai tu giai quyet viec nay. Chung ta co the lam duoc ma!”

Nhung neu nhu thai do ra ve can dam cua toi lam chung yen tam thi nhung ly le do khong the lua phinh duoc toi. Toi can phai co them suc manh. Ma toi biet trong cay vao ai bay gio?

Troi bat dau sup toi, toi tap hop nhung chien binh ti hon cua toi lai va hanh quan ve phia chiec xe cua minh. Dam tre binh tinh va ngoan ngoan vang loi, nhung dau oc toi lai cu tap trung vao “tinh hinh chien su ac liet” truoc mat. Toi co nen lam the nay voi cac con minh khong? Ma thuc ra toi co the lam gi khac duoc bay gio?

That bat ngo, chinh doi quan nho cua toi da mang cho toi nguon suc manh ma toi dang can. Bon tuan ke tiep chung toi phai song trong xe hoi, tam rua tai nha me toi vao buoi sang va an uong tai nhung quay thuc an nhanh, ay the ma bon tre lai to ra thich thu voi le thoi ky quac nay. Chung khong bo hoc ngay nao, khong phan nan va cung chang hach hoi gi ve quyet dinh cua toi. Chung tin tuong hoan toan vao su khon ngoan cua nguoi chi huy den noi toi bat dau thay minh tro nen can dam. Chung toi co the vuot qua ma! Moi dem chung toi dung xe tai mot diem khac nhau, do la nhung khu vuc den thap sang trung canh cac toa nha. Dem xuong, troi tro lanh, bon tre ruc vao bang ghe sau da duoc ha xuong de lam giuong, cung nhau chia se hoi am cua co the minh va cua nhung tam chan. Toi ngoi ghe truoc, vua trong chung vua chap chon trong giac ngu de thinh thoang day no may xe de dung bo phan suoi cua xe suoi am cho tat ca chung toi.

Khi toi kiem du tien de thue mot can ho thi khong noi nao chap nhan bon dua tre, vi the chung toi dang ky o tro tai khach san. That tuyet voi chang khac gi mot ky nghi phep trong quan doi. Chung toi hoi hop, mung vui khi co he thong suoi, nhung chiec giuong va cam giac an toan. Chung toi len dem khau phan an cua minh vao nau nuong va hoc cach chuan bi nhung bua an ngon mieng bang cai lo hai bep. Chung toi lam lanh nhung mon bo sua bang bon tam. (Boi khach san co rat nhieu da.)

Cuoi cung, sau nhieu thang, nguoi chu can nha hua cho thue truoc da gui mot lenh phieu tra lai tat ca so tien cua toi va het loi xin loi. Toi da dung so tien nay tim thue mot can ho khac.

Chuyen do xay ra cach day 13 nam. Gio day toi dang chia se quyen chi huy voi nguoi chong moi cua toi, va cung nhau cham soc cac con chung toi trong mot ngoi nha rong tuyet voi. Moi sang, khi toi di kiem tra doi quan cua minh - gio da rat cao lon - toi nho den su tuyet vong ngay nao, ke thu khung khiep ma chung toi da cung nhau chien dau va chien thang. Toi cam ta On Tren da ban cho toi nhung chien binh ti hon nay: doi quan be nho li lom, dung cam - nhung chien binh chang bao gio chun buoc trong cuoc hanh quan ghe gom do. Long can dam cua chung chinh la chat lieu lam nen su vi dai nhat cua cac anh hung.

- Rachel Berry

Moi nguoi deu co the tro nen vi dai... chi can trai tim ban chan chua long khoan dung, va tam hon ban luon tran ngap tinh yeu thuong.

- Martin Luther King

Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen


Small soldiers

I intended to move my troops to a better location, not into the line of fire. As a twenty-seven-year-old single mother of four children, I tended to think of myself as a fearless leader of my brood. And, in fact, our life often reflected the austere setting of boot camp. The five of us were crammed into close quarters a two-bedroom apartment in New Jersey and we lived a life of self-deprived discipline. I couldn’t afford any of the niceties and luxuries other parents did, and aside from my mother, none of the rest of our family was involved in the kids’ lives at all.

That left me as commander in chief. Many nights, I lay awake on my bed, planning strategies to get more things for my children. Though my children never complained about what they lacked and seemed to bask in my love, I was continually on the alert for ways to improve their simple lives. When I found a five-bedroom apartment in a three-story house the second and third stories belong¬ing completely to us I leapt at the opportunity. At last, we could spread out. The home even had a big backyard.

The landlord promised to have everything fixed up for us in a month. I agreed on the repairs, paid her in cash for the first month’s rent and the same in security, and hur¬ried home to inform my troops we were moving out. They were excited, and we all camped on my bed that night, planning what we’d do to the new home.

The next morning, I gave notice to my current landlord and started packing. We loaded our boxes with the preci¬sion of a well-oiled machine. It warmed my heart to see the troops in action.

And then I realized my strategic error. I had no keys to the new house in hand, and when day after day of

unre¬turned phone calls and fruiless searches produced no access to the house, I began to panic. I did some espionage work and called the utility company. They told me some¬one else had just requested new service for the same address. I’d been duped.

With a heavy heart, I looked at my

children’s expectant faces and tried to find the words to tell them the bad news. They took it staunchly, though I fought back tears of disappointment.

Already feeling defeated, I faced even worse obstacles. I couldn’t afford rent on a new place because I’d paid so much for the house. My mother wanted to help, but children were not allowed in her small apartment. Desperate, I asked a fellow veteran fighter to help: a single mother of five who was struggling as much as I. She tried her best to be hospitable, but nine kids in four rooms... Well, you get the picture.

After three weeks, we were all mutinous. We had to get out. I had no options left, no new orders to follow. We were on the run. I stored ourfurniture, stuffed our winter clothes in the back of our yellow Escort, and informed my small soldiers that we had nowhere to camp for the pres¬ent time except in our car.

My sons, six and ten, met my gaze and listened intently.

“Why can’t we stay at Grandma’s?” my oldest asked. That question was followed by several suggestions of others we should be able to stay with. In each case, I had to tell them the harsh truth.

“People have their own lives, Honey. We have to handle this on our own. We can do this.”

But if my bravado appeased them, it didn’t fool me. I needed strength. Where could I get help?

Knowing it was time to turn in for the night, I gathered up my troops, and we marched to the car. The children were calm and compliant, but my thoughts were engaged in fierce warfare. Should I do this to them? What else could I do?

Unexpectedly, it was my own troops who gave me the strength I needed. As we lived in our car for the next four weeks, showering at my mother’s in the mornings and eating at fast-food joints, the kids seemed to enjoy the odd routine. They never missed a day of school, never com¬plained and never questioned my judgment. They were so certain of their commander’s wisdom that even I began to feel courageous. We could manage this! We parked in a different spot each night, well-lighted areas near apart¬ment buildings. When the nights grew cold, the kids cuddled in the back seat that folded down into a bed, sharing body heat and blankets. I sat in the front, keeping watch between dozes and starting the motor every so often to run the heat.

When I had earned enough to afford rent someplace, I couldn’t find any

apartments that would accept four

chil¬dren, so we checked into a hotel. It was like being on a fantastic furlough. We were thrilled, reveling in the heat, the beds, the safety. We sneaked in our rations to cook and learned to prepare savory meals with a two-burner hot plate. We cooled dairy items in the bathtub. (Hotels have lots of ice.)

Finally, many months later, the

landlord of the promised house sent me a money order refunding all that was due me, with many apologies. I used the money to find us an apartment.

That was thirteen years ago. I’m sharing command now with a husband, and we keep our children in a wonder¬fully large house. Every morning, when I run the inspec¬tion on my troops taller now, I think back on the horrible enemy of desperation that we fought and defeated together. And then I thank God for my small soldiers: a courageous, tough little crew who never stumbled in their frightening march. Their bravery was the stuff of the greatest of heroes.

- Rachel Berry

Everybody can be great... You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

- Martin Luther King

Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

Nguon: Condensed Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul – Danh cho nhung nguoi khong bao gio guc nga - First News va NXB Van hoa Sai gon phoi hop an hanh

Nhung chien binh ti hon
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I intended to move his small army to a place better line of fire. As a single mother of 27, a axillary four children, I know the thought that of myself as a courageous leader flood shepherding their children. The fact that life ...

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