Mong muon gian don nhat

Mong muon gian don nhat

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Mong muon gian don nhat
Moi ngay it nhat mot lan, con meo den gia nua cua chung toi lai mon men den gan voi bo dang nhu dang can mot nhu cau dac biet nao do. No khong co ve doi an hay muon duoc tha ra ngoai ma duong nhu no can mot dieu gi do khac han.

Neu ban cho nam len dui, no se nhay phoc len. Moi lan nhu vay, no bat dau rung minh khi ban gai lung, xoa cam cho no va lien tuc vo ve rang no la mot con meo con de thuong vo cung.

Con gai toi giai thich that don gian rang: "Blackie muon duoc au yem va cham soc".

Blackie khong phai la thanh vien duy nhat co nhu cau do: ca toi va vo toi cung can. Toi chot nghi den bon tre nhieu nhat, den nhu cau duoc nhan mot vong tay yeu thuong, mot cho ngoi am ap trong long, mot cai nam tay - nhung cu chi ma doi khi chi can danh mot chut thoi gian.

Neu toi chi co the lam duy nhat mot dieu, thi dieu ma toi chon se la dam bao cho moi tre em, o bat cu noi dau, cung duoc au yem yeu thuong moi ngay. Tre con, cung nhu nhung chu meo, rat can duoc yeu thuong.

- Fred T. Wilhelms

Hay cho di nhung gi ban co.
Dung chan chu hay toan tinh nghi suy.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The gentlest need

At least once a day our old black cat comes to one of us in a way that we"ve all come to see as a special request. It does not mean he wants to be fed, or to be let out. His need is for something very different.

If you have a lap handy, he"ll jump into it. Once in it, he begins to vibrate almost before you stroke his back, scratch his chin, and tell him over and over what a good kitty he is.

Our daughter puts it simply: "Blackie needs to be purred."

Blackie isn"t the only one who has that need: I share it, and so does my wife. Still, I associate it especially with youngsters, with their quick, impulsive need for a hug, a warm lap, and a hand held out - such gestures requiring only a little time.

If I could do just one thing, it would be this: To guarantee every child, everywhere, one good purring every day. Kids, like cats, need time to purr.

- Fred T. Wilhelms

Give what you have to someone.
It may be better than you dare to think.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Mong muon gian don nhat
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most simple desire
need special needs, our black cat, single, wants and simple, every day, IT, to, articles, be
at least once a day, the old black cat we nibbled to see as close to a particular demand. It does not seem to be fed, or let out as if it needed something different ..

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