Loi gioi thieu Dieu dieu ky tu Chicken Soup for the Soul

TS se lan luot gioi thieu den ban doc nhung trang sach thu vi duoc trich dang nhieu ky tu nhung quyen sach dang duoc ban doc yeu thich. Mo dau se la nhung trang sach trong bo sach noi tieng Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul, dang tai doc quyen tren TS tu su dong y cua First News ( www.firstnews.com.vn )- don vi giu ban quyen.

Chung toi tran trong gioi thieu den cac ban bo sach noi tieng Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul. Chung toi da tuyen chon va bien tap co dong voi tat ca nhung gi tinh tuy va y nghia nhat nhung cau chuyen hay, xuc dong duoc nhieu nguoi yeu thich tu bo sach Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Muc dich cua chung toi la muon danh cho cac ban mot an pham nho gon de co the mang theo minh moi luc - trong tui xach, chang han - nhung cau chuyen co the dem den cho ban su dong vien tinh than sau sac va nguon cam hung moi me.

Du ban mua quyen sach nay cho chinh minh hay lam qua tang cho ban be va nguoi than, thi hay tin rang, ban dang co trong tay mot tac pham co kha nang suoi am trai tim, thuc tinh tam hon va lam phan chan tinh than. Nhung cau chuyen nay se cham den noi sau sac nhat cua tam hon ban va nhac nho ban ve nhung dieu quan trong nhat cua con nguoi.

Nghien cuu khoa hoc gan day cho thay khi doc nhung cau chuyen nay, cac phan ung tinh than va cam xuc duoc khoi day da dem lai nhung anh huong tich cuc cho suc khoe. Cac chat dan truyen than kinh duoc giai phong trong nao that su co tac dung chua lanh cac vet thuong tinh than va the chat.

Nhung cau chuyen nay se khoi day khat vong trong ban, thoi thuc ban dang rong canh tay chia se day yeu thuong voi ban be va nguoi than, se la niem an ui, xoa diu nhung khi ban cang thang tinh than, se lam ban bung sang voi nhung thoi khac cua su vuot len chinh minh va thuc tinh cam nhan. Chung se khuyen khich ban kien tri nuoi duong va dam song voi uoc mo, san sang vuot qua nhung kho khan, thu thach ma ban chac chan se gap phai trong hanh trinh bien uoc mo thanh hien thuc.

Chung toi rat phan khoi vi lien tuc nhan duoc nhung phan hoi, qua hang ngan cuoc dien thoai va thu tu ban doc chia se ve nhung tac dong lon lao ma cuon sach da dem lai cho doc gia. Moi ngay, chung toi nhan duoc khoang tu 50 den 100 la thu cua ban doc tren toan the gioi - co nhung la thu tu Nhat, Han Quoc, Philippines, Duc, Canada,... va ca nhung noi xa xoi khong ngo nhu Cuba, Nam Phi, Israel cung nhu ngay trong long nuoc My. Sau day la mot so loi nhan xet ve cuon sach:

"Toi pham toi va bi dua vao khu tu biet giam. Toi bi khung hoang tinh than vo cung va chuan bi tu tu. Mot nguoi ban gui vao cho toi mot goi qua nho. Khi xe giay bao ra, cuon Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul da dap vao mat toi, va toi bat dau doc. Qua cac cau chuyen, toi da gap nhung nguoi co canh ngo con toi te hon hoan canh cua minh nhieu. That su, cuon sach da cuu song toi!"

- Pete, mot tu nhan

"Nguoi chong 46 tuoi than yeu cua toi vua qua doi sau hon hai muoi nam chung toi song ben nhau. Do la mot cu soc tinh than va mat mat qua lon doi voi toi. Con gai toi o Las Vegas da gui cho toi cuon Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul. Cuon sach nay da giup toi nhieu vo ke."

- D. E. Naylor, Anh Quoc

"Mac du toi moi 22 tuoi, nhung bo sach nay da de lai an tuong sau sac trong toi. Tu ngay nhan biet va lam theo nhung dieu rut ra duoc tu cuon sach Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul, toi da nhan ra rang nhung cau chuyen trong do co gia tri cuc ky lon doi voi cac ban tre. Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul da day toi ve mot tinh yeu vo dieu kien, su trai nghiem vo gia, cach doi mat voi cai chet, cach dam song voi uoc mo va ly tuong, ve y nghia va muc dich cuoc song, va rat nhieu dieu khac nua... Toi da hoc duoc cach tran trong va nuoi duong nhung gi minh co va khong niu keo nhung gi toi da trao tang, mot trong nhung bai hoc quan trong nhat cua cuoc song. Toi chan thanh khuyen nhung ai chua doc cuon sach nay nen doc no ngay bay gio."

- Heather, Long Island, New York

"The nen... ban hay ngoi xuong trong yen tinh, thu gian va thuong thuc chuyen di thu vi ma ban sap khoi hanh khi ban chia se cuoc song va cau chuyen cua nhung con nguoi rat dac biet nay.

Neu sau khi doc cuon sach nay, ban muon gui cho chung toi nhung cam nhan va y tuong ma minh tam dac nhat - hoac cua chinh ban hoac tu nhung nguoi xung quanh - chung toi se rat vui duoc don nhan va neu thich hop se chon in trong nhung so toi cua bo Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

Introduction: The marvel from Chicken Soup for the Soul!

It is with great pleasure that we offer this book of "condensed" Chicken Soup for the Soul. We have taken the most popular stories from the series of Chicken Soup for the Soul and condensed them into the essence of each story. Our intention is to provide you with a book that you can easily take with you - in a purse - and that can give you instant deep motivation and fresh inspiration.

Whether you buy this book for yourself or as a gift for a friend and family member, rest assured that you have your hands on a book that will warm the heart, awaken the soul and rekindle the spirit. These stories will touch you at the deepest level and remind you of what is most important about being human.

Recent research indicates that when these stories are read, emotional and spiritual responses are evoked that have positive health benefits. Neurotransmitters are released in the brain to actually accelerate healing in the body and mind. The stories will inspire you to reach out to friends and family with greater love and compassion, will comfort you in times of stress, and will delight you during times of triumph and awake the new things. They encourage you to enthusiastically embrace your dreams and more willingly tackle the obstacles and challenges you will inevitably face in their realization.

We continue to be excited about the consistent feedback we receive through the thousands of calls and letters outlining the significant impact our books have made on readers. We receive 50 to 100 letters a day from people all over the world - Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Cuba, Germany, South Africa and Israel - as well as the United States and Canada, with comments like these:

"I was sent to jail in a 23-hour lock-down unit. I was extremely in the crisis of spirit and thought about suicide. As I was tearing up sheets, Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul caught my eye and I began to read. As I read, I ran across people in the book that had it much worse than me. It inspired me to stay alive."

- Pete, prison inmate

"I lost my dear husband of 46 years recently after more than 20 years living together. The shock and loss were so terrible. My daughter in Las Vegas sent me a copy of Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul. This book has helped me to no end!"

- D. E. Naylor, England

"Though I am only 22, these books have forever left an imprint in my heart. Since I am learning and practicing the lessons taught in Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul, I feel that the stories can be of greater value to the younger readers. Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul has taught me of unconditional love, invaluable experience, death, dreams and goals, meanings and purposes of life, and many other things. I have learned to cherish, nourish what I have and never to take what I am offered for granted, one of life"s most important lessons. I want to encourage anyone who has yet to read these books to jump on it right now."

- Heather, Long Island, New York

So... sit back in silence, relax and enjoy the interesting journey you are about to begin as you share in the lives and stories of some very special people.

If after reading these stories, you are moved to send us some of your personal favorites - either your own or other people - we"ll gladly review them for possible inclusion in future volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

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Loi gioi thieu Dieu dieu ky tu Chicken Soup for the Soul
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