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Ban tay

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Ban tay
Trong ngay le Ta on, mot co giao day lop 1 no da yeu cau cac em hoc sinh ve mot buc tranh ve nhung gi ma cac em cam thay biet on. Co muon biet nhung dua tre ngheo kho nay that su biet on nhung gi.

Co doan phan lon hoc sinh cua co se ve nhung buc tranh ve ga tay hoac nhung chiec ban day ap thuc an. The nhung co vo cung ngac nhien khi thay buc tranh cua cau be Douglas voi hinh mot ban tay duoc ve mot cach ngay ngo don gian.

Tai sao Douglas ve ban tay? Va day la ban tay cua ai? Ca lop deu bi thu hut boi buc tranh cua Douglas.

“To nghi do chac han la ban tay cua Thuong De, nguoi da mang thuc an den cho chung ta,” mot cau be noi.

“Do la ban tay cua mot nguoi nong dan,” cau be khac len tieng, “boi vi ong ta nuoi ga tay”.

Cuoi cung, khi nhung hoc sinh khac da tap trung lam bai, co giao cui xuong ban cua Douglas va hoi cau be ban tay do la cua ai. "Do chinh la ban tay cua co, thua co", cau be thi tham.

Dieu nay goi co nho lai rang trong nhung gio giai lao, co van thuong nam tay Douglas. Co van thuong lam the voi nhung hoc sinh khac. Nhung voi Douglas - mot dua be co doc va it noi - dieu nay lai co y nghia vo cung. Co le day chinh la le Ta on danh cho tat ca moi nguoi, khong phai cho nhung vat chat chung ta nhan duoc, ma cho nhung dieu, du rat nho nhoi, khi chung ta trao tang cho nguoi khac.

- Khuyet danh

Khi cho di bang tat ca tam long cua minh, ban se nhan lai duoc nhieu hon the.

- Antoine de Saint Exupery

Giup nhung nguoi khac la giup chinh minh. Dieu tot nao chung ta cho di chac chan se quay tro lai voi chung ta.

- Flora Edwards

The Hand

On the Thanksgiving Day, a school teacher asked her class of first-graders to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. She would know how little these poor children actually had to be thankful for. She thought that most of them would draw pictures of turkeys or tables with food. However, the teacher was taken aback with the picture Douglas handed in a simple childishly drawn hand.

But why and whose hand Douglas drew? The class was captivated by the abstract image.

"I think it must be the hand of God that brings us food," said one child.

"A farmer," said another, "because he grows the turkeys."

Finally when the others were at work, the teacher bent over Douglas" desk and asked whose hand it was. "It"s your hand, Teacher," he mumbled.

She recalled that frequently at recess she had taken Douglas, a reserved lonely child, by the hand. She often did that with the children. But it meant so much to Douglas. Perhaps this was everyone"s Thanksgiving, not for the material things given to us but for the chance, in whatever small way, to give to others.

- Source Unknown

When you give yourself, you receive more than you give.

- Antoine de Saint Exupeaary

In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

- Flora Edwards

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Ban tay
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In Thanksgiving, a teacher it has taught a class requires students to draw a picture of what they were thankful for. She wanted to know what this poor child really be thankful for ..

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Ban co the doc ban tieng Viet co dau cua bai viet Bàn tay bang cach nhan chuot vao duong dan tren.

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Nhan xet, hay lien he ve tin Ban tay co the gui bang duong dan o duoi. Ban nen gui kem tieu de bai viet Ban tay de lam tham khao. Bai viet nay thuoc chuyen de Tac pham trong chuyen muc Van hoa.

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