Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap

Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap

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Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap
TS- Em muon du hoc tu tuc tai Phap. Xin gioi thieu cho em vao mot truong co dao tao nganh Cong nghe sinh hoc. Em chua co bang tieng Phap, chi co bang tieng Anh thi co duoc khong? Xin cam on. (Thu Thao, tuongthao2003@ )

+ Tra loi cua chi Doan Thai Ha, dai dien Van phong giao duc Phap Edufrance tai TP. HCM:

Phap la mot quoc gia co nhieu the manh ve nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc (CNSH). Cu the hon, o Phap co 1 so truong noi tieng trong linh vuc dao tao nay nhu: Paris 6, Grenoble 1, Paris 5, Paris 7, he thong cac Vien Khoa hoc Ung dung Quoc Gia INSA ....

De tim hieu thong tin ve cac truong nay, ban co the tham khao tai trang web:
http://www.onisep.fr/national/accueil/html/accueil.htm (trang web co ca tieng Anh va tieng Phap)

O Phap, phan lon cac truong deu dao tao bang tieng Phap. Do do, neu muon du hoc, tot nhat ban nen hoc tieng Phap truoc. Ban co the hoc tieng Phap o VN, hoac co the dang ki hoc du bi tieng Phap tai Phap truoc khi vao hoc chuong trinh CNSH tai cac truong DH.

Ve van de hoc du bi tieng Phap nay, ban co the tham khao cac phan tra loi truoc ve du hoc Phap trong "Hop thu du hoc" de biet them chi tiet. Neu con nhung thac mac khac, ban co the lien he truc tiep van phong Edufrance tai Tp. HCM de chung toi co the giup them cho ban. (Espace EduFrance, 31 Thai Van Lung, Q1, Tp.HCM).

Ban co the tim hieu them ve: lam the nao de dang ki hoc nganh CNSH tai cac truong DH tai Phap va co bao nhieu loai hinh truong dao tao nganh nay... trong tai lieu (tieng Anh) dinh kem duoi day.

Tai lieu dinh kem ve nganh hoc CNSH tai Phap


The biologist is interested in all life science related subjects: botany, zoology, physiology, medicine,
agronomy, and palaeontology…

In order to work in the field of research, a biologist must possess a very high level of education.

Biologists primarily work in industrial laboratories, research institutes, recycling of waste, medical analysis laboratories agro-food-related areas…

Programs of Study

The courses that are offered are either of a short duration (2 years) or of a long duration (up to 8 years). The short study courses are offered by the "Institut Universitaire de Technologie" (IUT, University Institute of Technology), which enable the participant to work in a laboratory.

Even though these study programs are of excellent quality and are well recognized in France, few foreign students opt for them (except for individual cases).

In reality, study programs of a longer duration exercise a much stronger attraction upon them.

Universities, “Grandes Ecoles” and specialized Schools offer these programs.

1. In Universities

It is possible to follow the entire course structure, i.e., firstly, the "premier cycle" (first and second year) and then a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree program followed by the degrees at the postgraduate or PhD level which would then lead to the "grade de Mastaire" (specialized Master’s Degree).

At the level of the "premier cycle", the first degree that one can obtain is the DEUG (Preliminarily degree courses awarded after the first 2 years of university education) in science and technology with 3 possible options: life sciences, science of the arth and the universe, and inally, science and technology for engineers with the optional subject process engineering.

Foreign students who wish to get admission at this level have to undergo a pre-admission process and must contact the French embassy in their respective countries one year prior to the academic year that is of interest to them.

1.1 Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree corresponds to three years of higher studies.

A Bachelor’s Degree in biology offers three options, viz, cellular biology & physiology, biology of organisms & general biology and science of the earth & the universe.

A Bachelor’s in biology, just like a Bachelor ’s in biochemistry, can (in 1 year) pave the way for a Master’s program in biology of populations & ecosystems or a Master’s in cellular biology & physiology.

At this level, students also have the possibility of opting for certain highly attractive professional study programs, such as a few Master’s courses in science & techniques (MST) in three sectors: agro-food, biotechnology and biomedical engineering.

The bio-industrial MST offered by the University of Orleans, oriented towards the agro-food, health and cosmetology sectors, is one such example.

1.2 The specialized Master’s Degree

The DESS (university postgraduate professional degree) offers a high quality of professional competence, especially in the fields of biotechnology, agro-food industry and pharmaceuticals.

Amongst the various DESS offered by French Universities, as far as these sectors offering excellent career prospects are concerned, one can mention: analysis and development of natural products at the University of Bretagne–Sud, the DESS in biological and chemical analysis: applications to the environment and to bio-technologies in the University of Strasbourg I or the DESS in immunotechnology offered by the University of Aix-MarseilleII…

As far as the DEA (University Postgraduate Research Degree-M.Phil.) Degrees are concerned, they offer numerous possibilities covering all the fields of biology, i.e., cellular biology, animal biology, biology of organisms & populations, molecular biology, vegetal biology, biophysics, biotechnologies, biological and medical engineering and microbiology.

These degrees obligatorily lead to a thesis and a doctorate. Some DRTs (technological research degree) also enable access to research, especially to industrial research in food and biological engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering of agro-activities.

Apart from these degrees recognized at the national level, a large number of French universities off e r University Diplomas (DU), at the level of the 2nd and 3rd cycles, like for example the DU in international technological studies in biological engineering in the University of Dijon, of Montpellier II and that of Saint- Etienne, or the DU, at the level of the 3rd cycle of Vegetal Biotechnologies in the University of Paris VI and Paris XI.

2. In the “Grandes Ecoles”

One can find engineering colleges such as the "Institut National des Sciences Appliquees"(INSA, National Institutes of Applied Sciences) which offer specialisation in life sciences (in Lyon and Toulouse) or University Engineering Institutes which specialise in bio-industries or in biomedical engineering like the "Universite Technologique of Compiegne" (UTC- Technological University of Compiegne) or the "Institut des Sciences de l’Ingenieurs’ (CUST- Science Institute of Engineering) of Clermont-Ferrand…

It is possible to reach various levels (2nd, 3rd year) depending upon degrees that have already been obtained or on previous professional experience.

EduFrance more information( www.edufrance.fr )

In addition to the above mentioned courses, it is possible to take up other study courses leading to a certificate or to a qualification, these could have a short or long duration (3 months, 6 months).

Some of these courses are especially tailored for foreign students and may figure in the catalogue EduFrance available for consultation on the web site of the Agency.

The level of proficiency in the French language is subject to the type of course and the curriculum. However it is advisable to learn French before leaving for studies in France (get in touch with the Alliance Française or the French Cultural Institute), and / or undertake a French language course in France itself before taking up the concerned course. Suggestions regarding French classes are given on the website of the Agency.


Viet Bao
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Bạn có thể gửi nhận xét, góp ý hay liên hệ về bài viết Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap bằng cách gửi thư điện tử tới Lien He Bao Viet Nam. Xin bao gồm tên bài viết Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap ở dạng tiếng Việt không dấu. Hoặc Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap ở dạng có dấu. Bài viết trong chuyên đề của chuyên mục Giáo Dục
These schools industry Biotechnology in France
Master's Degree, Thu Thao, biotechnology, training schools, thank you, French, maybe, to study, in English, AND, industry , For, I, IS
TS-self I want to study in France. Please introduce me to a training school biotechnology industry. You do not have in French, only in English, okay? Thank you. (Thu Thao, tuongthao2003 @).

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Ban co the doc ban tieng Viet co dau cua bai viet Những trường đào tạo ngành Công nghệ Sinh học ở Pháp bang cach nhan chuot vao duong dan tren.

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Nhan xet, hay lien he ve tin Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap co the gui bang duong dan o duoi. Ban nen gui kem tieu de bai viet Nhung truong dao tao nganh Cong nghe Sinh hoc o Phap de lam tham khao. Bai viet nay thuoc chuyen de Tu van du hoc trong chuyen muc Giao duc.

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