Mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe

Mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe

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Ban dhtuan@ o 58 Tran Nhan Tong, Ha Noi: "De nghi TS cung cap cho toi mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe (ban tieng Anh, Viet)".

Tra loi:
Ban co the tham khao mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe duoi day.

Mau tieng Anh:


Information about Licensor
B) Vietnam Forest Corporation (VINAFOR), a company organized and existing under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter called “the Licensee”.
(Detailed information about party B)

Whereas the licensor is the owner of Trademark Registration Certificate which is issued by the National Office of Industrial Property of Vietnam (“NOIP”) for the Trademark “UNION”.
(the “Trademark”) for motor cycles: and

Whereas the Lisensor agrees to license the right to use in Vietnam to the Licensee.

Now, therefor both parties agree as follows:

Article 1: Grant of the license
1.1 The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee, and the Licensee hereby accepts the license (the “License”) to use the Trademark under Certificate in the Territory.
1.2 The Licensor shall have the right to grant the license to any third party in the territory of Vietnam other than the Licensee herein.

Article 2: Object of the license
The Licensee is entitled to apply the Trademark to motor cycles which are imported in CKD and/or IKD form from the Licensor then assembled and sold in Vietnam.

Article 3: Territory
The License is effective in the entire territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (“the Territory”).

Article 4: Term
This agreement shall be invalid until termination of the contract for supplying spare parts of Union motor cycle.

Article 5: Amendment, suspension and cancellation
5.1 Upon the request of either party, the Agreement may be amended or supplemented in writing. Any amendment or supplement must be signed by the legal representatives of the both parties.
5.2 The Agreement shall be terminated in the following cases:
a - Expiry of contract for supplying parts for Union motor cycles.
b - The industrial property rights of the Licensor are suspended or cancelled.
c - The performance of the Agreement is prevented by a force majeure events. Force majeure events include events beyond the control of the parties including, but not limited to, acts of God, strikes, riots, war and similar events.

Article 6: Obligations of the Licensor
6.1 The Licensor hereby represents that it is true and legal owner of the Trademark and the grant of the License of the Trademark shall not infringe the industrial property rights of any third party. The Licensor shall be responsible, at his own expenses, to resolve any dispute with any third party arising from the grant of the License under this Agreement.
6.2 The Licensee shall be responsible to take all necessary and appropriate measures, at his own expenses, to prosecute infringements of the Trademark by any third party.
The Licensor shall have the obligation to fully cooperate with and assist the Licensee in any such matter.

Article 7: Obligations of the Licensee
7.1 The Licensee shall ensure that the quality of the Product assembled by the Licensee shall not be lower than those manufactured by the Licensor. The method to determine the quality of the Product shall be mutually agreed by the Licensor and the Licensee.
7.2 The Licensee is entitled to use the Trademark only in the Socialist republic of Vietnam.
7.3 The Licensee is not permitted to transfer the Trademark to any third party.
7.4 The Licensee shall have the obligation to identify the Licensor on the Product or...
7.5 The Licensee shall be responsible for submitting this Agreement to the NOIP for registration and paying all relevant fee within fifteen (15) days from the date of signing this Agreement.

Article 8: Dispute Resolution
Any dispute, breach, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be firstly settled amicably between two parties. If the dispute can’t be settled amicably, either party has the right to submit the dispute to international Organization foe settlement.

Article 9: Implementing Provisions
9.1 This Agreement is made on the basis of equality and voluntarism. The two parties pledge to comply strictly with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
9.2 The Agreement shall be made in six (6) sets in English which shall be equal force. Each party shall keep three (3) sets in English.

Mau tieng Viet:

Cong hoa xa hoi chu nghia Viet Nam
Doc lap - Tu do - Hanh phuc


(So:.... /HDCGCN)
- Can cu chuong... phan... cua Bo luat dan su.
- Can cu nghi dinh so 63/CP ngay 28/10/1996.
- Can cu thong tu so 3055/BKHCNMT ngay 31/12/1996.
(Doi voi truong hop luat dieu chinh la luat Viet Nam)
Hom nay, ngay... thang... nam 2000, chung toi gom:

Ben chuyen giao: (ben A)
- Ten doanh nghiep:
- Tru so chinh:
- Dien thoai:
- Tai khoan so:
- Dai dien la:
- Theo giay uy quyen so (neu co):

Ben nhan chuyen giao: (ben B)
- Ten doanh nghiep:
- Tru so chinh:
- Dien thoai:
- Tai khoan so:
- Dai dien la:
- Theo giay uy quyen so (neu co):

Hai ben cam ket cac dieu khoan sau
Dieu 1: Doi tuong chuyen giao
- Ten (sang che, giai phap huu ich, nhan hieu hang hoa, bi quyet cong nghe):
- Dac diem cong nghe:
- Ket qua ap dung cong nghe:
- Can cu chuyen giao (so van bang bao ho neu co):

Dieu 2: Chat luong, noi dung cong nghe
- Cong nghe dat tieu chuan gi?
- Mo ta noi dung va tinh nang cua cong nghe:

Dieu 3: Pham vi va thoi han chuyen giao
- Pham vi: Doc quyen hay khong doc quyen? Su dung trong lanh tho nao?
- Thoi han chuyen giao: Do hai ben thoa thuan phu hop voi thoi han ma doi tuong chuyen giao duoc bao ho (neu co).

Dieu 4: Dia diem va tien do chuyen giao
1. Dia diem:
2. Tien do:
Dieu 5: Thoi han bao hanh cong nghe

Dieu 6: Gia chuyen giao cong nghe va phuong thuc thanh toan
- Gia chuyen giao:
- Phuong thuc thanh toan:

Dieu 7: Pham vi, muc do giu bi mat cua cac ben

Dieu 8: Nghia vu bao ho cong nghe cua ben giao va ben nhanchuyen giao

Dieu 9: Nghiem thu ket qua chuyen giao cong nghe

Dieu 10: Cai tien cong nghe chuyen giao cua ben nhan chuyen giao
Moi cai tien cua ben nhan chuyen giao doi voi cong nghe chuyen giao thuoc quyen so huu cua ben nhan chuyen giao.

Dieu 11: Cam ket cua ben chuyen giao ve dao tao nhan luc cho thuc hien cong nghe chuyen giao
- So luong:
- Thoi gian:
- Chi phi dao tao:

Dieu 12: Quyen va nghia vu cua cac ben
1. Ben chuyen giao
- Cam ket la chu so huu hop phap cua cong nghe chuyen giao va viec chuyen giao cong nghe se khong xam pham quyen so huu cong nghiep cua bat ky ben thu 3 nao khac. Ben chuyen giao co trach nhiem, voi chi phi cua minh, giai quyet moi tranh chap phat sinh tu viec chuyen giao cong nghe theo hop dong nay.
- Co nghia vu hop tac chat che va giup do ben nhan chuyen giao chong lai moi su xam pham quyen so huu tu bat ky ben thu 3 nao khac.
- Dang ky hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe.
- Nop thue chuyen giao cong nghe.
- Co quyen/khong duoc chuyen giao cong nghe tren cho ben thu 3 trong pham vi lanh tho quy dinh trong hop dong nay.
2. Ben nhan chuyen giao
- Cam ket chat luong san pham san xuat theo cong nghe nhan chuyen nhuong khong thap hon chat luong san pham do ben chuyen giao san xuat. Phuong phap danh gia chat luong do hai ben thoa thuan.
- Tra tien chuyen giao theo hop dong.
- Khong duoc phep/duoc phep chuyen giao lai cho ben thu 3 cong nghe tren.
- Ghi chu xuat xu cong nghe chuyen giao tren san pham.
- Dang ky hop dong (neu co thoa thuan).

Dieu 13: Sua doi, dinh chi hoac huy bo hop dong
Hop dong co the bi sua doi, bo sung theo yeu cau bang van ban cua mot trong cac ben va duoc dai dien hop phap cua cac ben ky ket bang van ban. Cac dieu khoan sua doi, bo sung co hieu luc tu thoi diem duoc sua doi.
Hop dong bi cham dut trong cac truong hop sau day:
- Het thoi han ghi trong hop dong.
- Quyen so huu cong nghiep bi dinh chi hoac huy bo.
- Hop dong khong thuc hien duoc do nguyen nhan bat kha khang nhu: thien tai, bai cong, bieu tinh, noi loan, chien tranh va cac su kien tuong tu.

Dieu 14: Trach nhiem do vi pham hop dong
Ben nao vi pham hop dong phai chiu phat hop dong va boi thuong cho ben kia toan bo thiet hai theo quy dinh cua...

Dieu 15: Luat dieu chinh hop dong
Hop dong nay duoc dieu chinh boi luat cua nuoc...

Dieu 16: Trong tai
Moi tranh chap phat sinh tu hop dong nay phai duoc giai quyet truoc het thong qua thuong luong, hoa giai. Trong truong hop khong giai quyet duoc thi cac ben co quyen kien den trong tai quoc te tai...

Dieu 17: Dieu khoan thi hanh
Hop dong duoc xay dung tren co so binh dang va tu nguyen. Hai ben cam ket thuc hien dung va day du cac dieu khoan trong hop dong nay.
Hop dong duoc lap thanh... (ban) bang tieng Anh... (ban) bang tieng Viet co gia tri nhu nhau. Moi ben giu... (ban) de thi hanh.

Ben A Ben B

Viet Bao
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Sample technology transfer contracts
The Licensee, the Licensor, Hanoi, Tran Nhan Tong, Technology Transfer Agreement, sample contracts, property rights, third party, the receiving party, if any, time limits, of the commitment, in English, AND
You dhtuan @ in 58 Tran Nhan Tong Hanoi: "Suggest VNE provide me samples of technology transfer contracts (in English, Vietnamese)" ..

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Ban co the doc ban tieng Viet co dau cua bai viet Mẫu hợp đồng chuyển giao công nghệ bang cach nhan chuot vao duong dan tren.

Lien he ve tin Mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe

Nhan xet, hay lien he ve tin Mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe co the gui bang duong dan o duoi. Ban nen gui kem tieu de bai viet Mau hop dong chuyen giao cong nghe de lam tham khao. Bai viet nay thuoc chuyen de Tu van trong chuyen muc An ninh Phap luat.

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